Sunday, November 9, 2008


Are you looking for a Christ-like approach to help you deal with domestic violence? It is my hope and prayer that Would the Real Church PLEASE Stand Up! will be a valuable resource for you whether you are a victim in need or a person willing t be the hands and feet of Jesus on earth to help others. The dynamics of domestic violence in a "Christian" home can be very difficult to understand for someone who has not personally experienced this epidemic. I have been in communication with quite a few women who played the role of pastor's wife, yet lived a shocking life when it came to the home life of this picture-perfect family. A Christian home, especially a minister's home is the last place most would expect to see such an unhealthy relationship. My point? It is everywhere. The Church who claims to carry the cross must actually carry it to be REAL. God wants the Body of Christ to be an active body rather than a moving mouth offering lip-service. It is impossible to completely grasp what it is like to be abused until we walk in those shoes. If you are in those shoes and being abused verbally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, economically, encouraged. There is hope. If you are not in those shoes, be her hope. Allow yourself to be a vessel of the Living God. We are supposed to LOVE one another. Love is an action. Would the Real Church PLEASE Stand Up! gives practical suggestions regardless of which pair of shoes you are wearing.

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